What is U ENVI?

U ENVI is a unisex lifestyle clothing brand seeking to bring awareness of the waste epidemic in the fashion industry. By reworking goods and salvaging materials, we strive to create unique and environmentally conscious clothing that promotes self-expression through the use of 100% recycled materials. Each item is handpicked and designed to make you feel bold and one-of-a-kind, just like all of our pieces. Our ultimate goal is to promote a sustainable lifestyle and encourage the world to “wear what U want!”


What is the meaning of “U ENVI”?

First, it is all about YOU feeling like the best version of yourself. Hence the “U”. Also meaning many things including unique, upcycle, unisex, universe, and university. Envi - short for "environment". Altogether U ENVI is a play on words meaning “you envy” whoever is wearing U ENVI!


What are your sustainable practices?

Everything we create is sustainable. We ensure this by only working with second-hand materials and recycled materials. Our packaging is entirely recycled, recyclable, compostable, and eco-friendly. As an effort to be as sustainable as possible, we encourage you to provide your own garment you no longer wear when creating a custom. Upcycle that wardrobe!


What makes you different from other brands?

Our focus on U and the planet we live on! Everything we do serves a purpose. Whether it be to make you feel special and proud of who you are or to aid the environment, it’s what we love to do and that’s why we do it! Everything we make is completely unique and different from anything you can find in stores. We are proud to be different and we want U to embrace your differences as well. 


Where do your materials come from?

Our materials are donated, recycled, or second-hand. Our masks are all created from donated dusters and scrap materials. Fabric and material remains from items created are collected in our “scrap bin” to be used toward future creations.


Where can I shop U ENVI?

U ENVI is available to shop on our Instagram, our website, and in store at Birch Alley and fits the vibe.


Is your packaging eco-friendly?

YES! … and each one is hand spray painted and painted, making each package one-of-a-kind. We encourage you to reuse your package, whether it be as artwork, a folder, or to send something else. Learn more about our packaging provider at

P.S. each collection we release has a different package theme design ;)